"Teething" is the process in which teeth start to erupt into the mouth. Usually this occurs around 6 months of age. The two lower central incisors are generally the first to arrive. Although this is an exciting milestone, teething can be accompanied by classic symptoms such as irritability, excessive drooling, constant biting of objects, and sore gums. Low grade fevers may also be attributed to teething. We recommend evaluating your child to see if he/she has any other symptoms (ie. ear infections) before associating fevers with the eruption of teeth into the mouth. .


Cold Pressure often helps to alleviate symptoms of teething. A teething ring or a clean dish cloth wet with cold water for babies to chew or bite on often does the trick. Topical over-the-counter anesthetic gels such as OraGel are not recommended. If your child develops a fever or is not responding well to Cold Pressure consider an over-the-counter analgesic such as Children's Tylenol (consult with us prior to administering any medications).

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